With all due respect to universal copyright, anti-plagiary police, and the goddess Originality, Disc World has been re-christened Innova.

You live in a primitive and harsh environment (Basic DnD/Pathfinder level of tech, mostly Druid/Cleric magic, with some wizardry, but no large cities/magic universities/Walmarts of Magic, etc.). Your tribe lives in the fertile valley between the volcanoes and the ice. At the mouth of the valley is a bay that leads to the wide ocean, and beyond that are the edges of the Earth.

Most tribe members are illiterate. Only Clerics and Wizards know written language, and their holy/magic books are rare and sacred. Bards and Druids are keepers of the tribe’s oral traditions. The entire region’s religion is polytheistic with variations of a God of Fire and a Goddess of Ice as the mother/father, Daughters of Earth and Sons of Air, and a wide variety of heroes and personified deities. (Metagame: when we choose character classes, we will also decide which pantheon (Norse, Greek, etc. from Deities and DemiGods) is worshiped in your home village) It’s a very druidic, earth-based, fertility, Green pagan sort of thing, with each village/region having its own take on the general theme. For example, most villages believe the Earth is flat and that the Sun is the son of the volcano god who travels the sky in a fiery chariot. Some call him Apollo while others call him Horus.

Lots of crazy monsters and wild beasts—dinosaurs, saber-toothed cats, and even crazier stuff. More wild and dangerous as you move away from your fertile valley deeper towards the volcanoes or the ice sheet. Halflings live with humans in the fertile valley, with elven and gnome settlements in the more remote forests and wilderness areas of the fertile zone. Dwarves live in the mountains north of the valley. Stranger races and variants of the fey races live in the wild zones, as well as humanoid tribes, dragons, and unknown creatures.


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