Legend of the Throbbing Nutsack of Chi Chi Rodriguez

A story over heard in the bar:

In the Mountains of Superstition, there was once a legendary tournament of sticks and orbs. The great wizards set before the players a great challenge, to break a mere target of glass set at suitable distance, a challenge as much finesse as power with the stick and orb. None could meet it until the mighty Chi Chi stepped up. His shot was low and firm, flying deftly toward the target. The crowd held its breath in anticipation, eager for the shatter and wondering what further pyrotechnics the Wizards had planned when it did. But alas, the glass did not shatter, and seemed to spring back with greater force than it had been struck. The orb came flying back to poor Chi-Chi, whose throbbing nutsack would become the subject of legends, such as this.




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