Somethings fishy

Clyde is buried with few words. No one knew him.

By noon, the party makes it to Rogers, the last port before the delta makes the river difficult to navigate. In the tavern, they hear the tale of Job and the pooka.

They book passage aboard a barge headed to Cambridge. Faulklor and Cam pass the morning fishing. Faulklor catches a small catfish and starts talking to it. He calls it “Bob Dobbs” and the superstitious oarsman whacks him in the head. “Blasphemy!!!” Don’t speak that name aloud. Do ye want us all to die?" An argument ensues, in which the party members do not understand the oarsman’s superstitions and he is horrified by their open references to he who shall not be named.

Faulklor decides to just break the fish in half and use it as bait, against the oarsmans warning. He is attacked by a giant gar and loses his pinky, nearly bleeding to death. Iomie sticks it with her pitchfork, struggling with it a few rounds before it jerks her pitchfork away and swims off. Later in the day as he gazes blearily off the back of the boat, Faulklor insists he sees the beast trailing them in the water

Late in the afternoon, several party members hear moaning and spot cages hanging from trees on the bank, with bones littering the floor and some sort of pigman doing the moaning in one. The oarsman tells them that’s what the town of Cambridge does with its outlaws.

Soon they arrive at Cambridge and unload on the docks. Cam looks around and asks a fellow who seems to be reputable about a boat to Oxford for hire. Old dude mistakes him for a child and starts yelling loudly for his mother. Iomie walks up and he berates her for not better taking care of her child. As the scene unfolds, a gang of halflings seems to materialize from the shadows and visciously attacks the fellow. They swarm him and push him to the ground. The leader of the gang holds a dagger to his throat. “Does this look like child’s play?” And slits his throat.

Bellows jumps on top of a pile of cargo in the middle. “What’s going on here? Summon the guard.” The gang leader says, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, bub.” More halflings materialize from the shadows, several whirling slings. Kenneth runs for the guard and gets dropped. “Omygod. They killed Kenny. You bastards!!!”

Bellows and Bailey drag their gear from the docks while Cam tries to calm everyone down. The halflings let them pass and then disappear back into the shadows. When the party gets to the city gates, Bellows makes a full report to the guard, who reluctantly takes their story. He knows it’s no use. He tells them the particular gang they’re dealing with is called The Little Rascals and they own the docks. They all look the same, and even if you could pick the right one from a line-up, the others would just lie for him. Too bad you can’t just arrest them all.

They take Kenny’s body to the local cathedral where he is buried in a paupers cemetery. That night Cam and Faulklor go out drinking and find a weird smoky underground club where the band performs a strange song about Bob Dobbs and they hear weird stories about the legend of the throbbing nutsack of Chi Chi Rodriguez. Sometime near midnight, Camz, Faulklor, and several others in the club are overcome by an intense dizzy sensation, feeling as if the whole world were spinning very fast in a counter clockwise direction. Faulklor has to steady himself against a wall and Camz passes out. Everyone they talked to later said the same thing, that they felt like they were spinning very fast with counter clockwise rotation. Perhaps it was just the smoke, booze, and music.

The number was 73.

Here’s a cool map of Cambridge:


And I just remembered the part about Joe buying a map to the Lost Dutchman mine. Found an even better one than we did last night:




What Faulklor learns about the Flying Dutchman from sitting in bars:

In this story (actually two interconnected stories), members of the Apache tribe are said to have a very rich gold mine located in the Superstition Mountains. Famed Apache Geronimo is sometimes mentioned in relation to this story. In most variants of the story, the family of a man called Miguel Peralta discovered the mine and began mining the gold there, only to be attacked or massacred by Apaches in about 1850 in the supposed Peralta massacre. Years later, a man called Dr. Thorne treats an ailing or wounded Apache (often alleged to be a chieftain) and is rewarded with a trip to a rich gold mine. He is blindfolded and taken there by a circuitous route, and is allowed to take as much gold ore as he can carry before again being escorted blindfolded from the site by the Apaches. Thorne is said to be either unwilling or unable to relocate the mine.

Somethings fishy

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