Trans-Bellflower Celebration

It's a riot

Faulklor squints through the revellers on Jesus Green and sees White Boognishes, frolicking in the ether. They climb trees and touch some on the shoulders, leaving patches of green.

It’s a beautiful day of hackey-sack and sack in the warm spring sun, and friends are made. Three halflings, an elf, and an Asian. That night, at the Bellflower gathering, the ghost of Joe Hill is summoned and Bernie gives speeches. As Hillary sings “This Land is Your Land,” the Bulls go on parade, smashing halfling heads. A line of cops surrounds the stage while another sweeps across the park from the other end. People scamper to the woods and it’s Madness. Beatle Bailey runs away to a nearby cliff, where he sees two elves. As he is deciding what to do and watching, they draw snakes like Conan arrows and shoot Bernie and Hillary. Beatle attacks, they attack back. Meanwhile, previously of course, Faulklor had climbed a tree, where he can see the battle on the cliff. He chucks his javelin at the green elf but comes up short, plugging Baily in the back. He falls off the cliff dramatically and is knocking on heavens door, but Ioni saves him with that loving touch. In the chaos, Bellows is nearly killed by the Bulls on parade. Bailey goes back out on the green to try to save him but ends up getting arrested, too. Cams, who has been sniping from a tree, gets chased by a guard but escapes. As Ioni and Faulklor search behind the cliff for signs of the elf assassins, Faulklor finds….something.

A dog-eared paperback of Gravity’s Rainbow. Handwritten on the inside cover = Sunset Strip. 1968.



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