Joe tastes funnel cake

So we basically played a mini-funnel w mostly DCC rules last night. I think the only thing I changed was the sensible 10, 12, 14, progression for ability bonuses. We decided that the culture/God names would be Egyptian and your tribe/kingdom is Little Egypt. I think you guys can comment/add to this thing so let me know what I forgot. Or what you want to add. Don’t think we’ve named your home village, for example.

Trills n Schwabs played four characters each. Two survived for Joe—a budding druidess and a wizards apprentice. Mark’s halfling made it. They were a group of teenagers breaking the village rules not to go into the wilds alone. First they met a friendly dwarf, and while talking to him, were attacked by wild dogs. Two girls (Isis and Kitty) got mauled by a bulldog and Sarconen the turnip farmer had his throat ripped out by a beagle. Jeb almost died but Cameltoe the halfling doused him with the holy water that Jeb had found earlier in a sacred spring. Everyone returns to the village with the bodies and a heavy heart.
The dwarf they met, MnMnOn, was on a mission from the dwarf kingdom to the North to secure timber and mineral rights, so he hams it up in town, getting friendly with the locals. Faulklor the Wizards apprentice decides he needs some quilted armor like he had seen Sarconen buried in, so goes to visit Granny Lee the seamstress. She happily agrees but has a taste for rabbit stew, so Eoni the druidess gives her some turnips and they go rabbit hunting. As the dwarf, halfling, and Faulklor drunkenly attempt to build a trap, Jeb, his dog, and Eoni hunt nearby. The dog catches a rabbit. Meanwhile, the guys building the trap are ambushed by goblins. The dwarf and halfling are killed and Faulklore scrambles up a tree. Jeb, Eoni, and the dog scramble to help. Jeb is killed and things look hopeless, until Mr. Brown the dog kills a goblin and scares the rest away. Because he’s a lucky halfling, when they check the bodies, Cameltoe survives.

On the way home, a brownie plays jokes on them. One of his spells backfires and it creates a literal shitstorm. Cameltoe gives the brownie a gem they had found on the goblins, and he agrees to let them pass.

And then we leveled up: Trills = Cameltoe the halfling. Joe = Eoni the druidess and Faulklore the magnificent (tree climber).

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