What Cam finds in his pocket the next morning

You wake up a bit groggy from your night on the town with Faulklor, and find a crumpled piece of paper in your pocket with this symbol on it:


Printed on one side is:

Joe Hill’s last words before his execution, Nov. 19, 1915

“Tomorrow I expect to make a trip to the planet Mars and, if so, will immediately commence to organize the Mars canal workers into the B.F.N. and we will sing the good old songs so loud that the learned star-gazers will once and for all get positive proof that the planet Mars is really inhabited….I have nothing to say for myself, only that I have always tried to make this earth a little bit better….Don’t mourn for me — Organize!”

On the other, there is a handwritten note:

Join, us brother. Jesus Green @ midnight



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